Johnny El Saddik was born in beirut on the 26th of february 1960

2006 - To Date Voice-Over for different documentaries in different Production Studios in Lebanon
2006 - To Date Voice-Over in Arabic Language for the Preaches of the Bishop John Echardt at SPIRIT CHANNEL
2004 – To Date Voice-Over Promotions at Orbit TV Channel
2003 – To Date Morning's live show coordinator at Sawtel-Ghad Radio Station
2000 – 2003 Technical Engineer at Al Jazeera Channel (Doha, Qatar)
Technical Engineer at Al-Sayliyah US Base Unit (Qatar) – Iraqi War 2003
1998 – 2000 Technical Engineer at ART Television (Beirut, Lebanon)
General Coordinator at Sawtel-Ghad Radio Station
1997 – 1998 Manager of the Lebanese Radio Station-NBN; National Broadcasting Network
1997 Analysis Study of constituting Imm Al Qiwayn Radio Station (UAE)
1996 – 1997 Voice-Over at the Filmali TV Production
1995 – 1997 Coordinator of the Relax-In Studios (Relax-In Musical Production)
1988 – 1997 Broadcasting director at Voice of Lebanon Radio
1985 – 1997 Director of Radio Programs at Voice of Lebanon Radio:
Duties & responsibilities including researching, scriptwriting & directing Ms. Maggy Farah’s program; “Politics in a song” & Ms. Rose Zamel (Wardeh)’s programs; “Have a nice Sunday” and “Live Emission”.
1980 – 1985 Sound Engineer & DJ at Voice of Lebanon Radio