Johnny Interview on Radio Liban with Rola Abu Zeid (June 2009) new

Johnny and his news with Alain on Bonjourain

Johnny's opinion in the time a man starts seeing his wife...ugly!!!

Special research for Johnny about women causing heart disease !!

Johnny is making sure that humanity is fine

Happy New Year 2007

Rima jealous from johnny??..Of course not

Johnny's gardenia flower to Rima

Johnny and his flowers

Johnny's twins celebrating their teacher in diving birthday

Rima talking about Johnny; the weather man

Johnny's 2006 birthday

Johnny teaches us how to make wives crazy!

Johnny's views for Lebanon's future, his twin's future..April 13 memory

Eye witness for a female driver

Twin's 2005 birthday

Johnny and the marathon

Johnny telling us the story of the public lights of the roads during the day!

Johnny; the Program Manager at NBN..listen to him from behind the Microphone

Interview with Johnny after coming back from Jazeera TV-Radio Scope

Al Ghad News Generique-Thanks to Johnny El Saddik

Latch by Daniel Kozah and Robert Franjiyyeh on Johnny El Saddik

Johnny El Saddik's memory about Nasri Shamseddine By Daniel Kozah and Robert Franjiyyeh

Maguy Farah & Johnny remembering their days @ VDL

Nishan interviewing Rima Njeim;Johnny is mentioned

Maryette Younes & Johnny (from Sawtelghad) making a fooling trick with Ziad Boutros

Ya-Rima 3

Ya-Rima 2

Ya-Rima 1

Johnny's memories about the Lebanese war

Rima with Sabah 2

Rima with Sabah 1

Maryette&Johnny:Reportage (Melhim Barakat's interview)

Johnny calling Nathaly Fadlalah @Friends' Studios VDL Program

Mme El-Khalil: Beirut Marathon

Ziad Njeim before leaving to Hurra TV

Gaby Lteif talking about johnny

Dr. Farouk Al-Jammal talking about johnny

Birthday Celebration 1

Birthday Celebration 2

Birthday Celebration 3

Special thanks for Mr. Charbel Issa and Mr. Joe Jerjess for making Sawtel Ghad tracks available.