Why a site about Johnny El Saddik?

Through the years and the days of the war, we grew up on his image behind the mixer pushing the heavy hours to pass smoothly.

From within the black years, he was always there to make our days bright and colorful just like the colors of the rainbow.

Many of us were still children, many of us were teen-agers and many of us were young men and women, but all of us were and will always be the fans of Johnny El Saddik, the forever star behind the mixer, coordinationg, monitoring and making the live emission on air, a new creative mark in the history of the Lebanese Radio Media.

This website is only a salute to the man who we -the fans of Johnny El Saddik- love, respect, and admire.

From the radio to the TV, you stood high with proudness on the summit of the first Arab TV Channel, Al-Jazeera, working there for three years, gaining the experience that your country need and you came back to us.

We followed you through all your life periods feeling proud of this young man who paved his name in our hearts and minds leaving a special sparkled remark in the history of Lebanon.

Faithfully Yours
your fan-club members